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VIT-168 Nature wax oil

Using the natural plant oil and wax as the raw material, it is nature, green and suitable for toy for children, without any toxicant (like methylbenzene), preservative, and heavy metal. It does not dissolve in saliva or perspiration but it could completely percolate through the wood fiber to make sure no cracks, shelling, and fall happened to the wood surface. At the mean time, it could make a protect and breath cover upon the pores of wood, to protect it from weather change, UV, water, and dirt. It could decrease the risk of swelling and shrinkage, to show the nature texture of wood.


Suitable for indoor or outdoor wood decoration, such as solid wood, plywood, floor, bamboo, rattan, barrier, wooden stair, wooden desk, fence, garden, wooden house and so on. It is an ideal replacement of petrochemical paint.

Technical index:

Coating area: 16-26 m2/kg

Construction method:

1.Base material treatment:

Base requirement: moisture content of wood no more than 12%.

Polishing treatment: Polish by the sand paper until the surface is smooth and flat. Use the sand paper in order from small to large. The greater mesh count, the better smooth of polishing. The better smooth of the surface, the better performance and saving of the nature coating.

Filling treatment: Fix or flatten the nail holes and knots with transparent or concolorous putty.

Cleaning treatment: Make sure the surface is clean, dry, oil-free and dust-free.

2.Operating instruction:

Stirring: Stir evenly.

Brushing: Brush along with the texture direction evenly by cotton cloth, scrubbing brush, and roller. Remove the spare paint by a clean cloth when the surface is slightly dry. Polish by scouring pad to give gloss after the touch dry for 6 hours.

Operating method: Direct brushing for one or two times without priming and diluting the paint.

3.Dry time:

Touch dry for 4-6h and hard dry for 20-24h in good ventilation.


The mesh number of sand paper before painting should be used from 180-240 mesh. The surface must be clean and free from glue and dusts.

Do not give too much paint for each time painting. Use cotton cloth to absorb the oil after 5 minutes of hairbrush coating. (Fold up the cloth and be careful to make sure no trace left.)

In large area construction, it could evenly brush across with the texture direction firstly, and then brush along with the texture direction.

Do not brush second time until the first film is dry.

Slightly polish the surface with the pad before second coating, if some dust goes to the surface in construction. So the texture would be more nature.

When the last film is completely dry, it could be better to slightly polish surface by the 1500-2000 mess sand paper and then wipe the surface by the cotton cloth with oil. It could give an excellent hand fell to the surface.

The cloth has to be moist but not too wet. Wipe the furniture evenly for one time.

It could have better performance if the thinner is added. The ratio should be oil: thinner=4:1.