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Steel Wood Wall Universal Paint

Product Feature:

3 in 1 Special Paint VIT198

Unique formula, Easy application to wall, steel, wood surface

New net-flavor, no use anti-alkali sealing primer, Touch film

It based on PH11-14 outside can scrub time 5-8years and no fade


Suitable for architectural interior & exterior wall、bamboo &wood, steel structure or decoration on different material basic surface.


Stir evenly before use. Roll, Brush or Spray according to actual circumstances add with water no more than 20 %(volume ratio)

Technical index:

Construction ratio: Paint: Water=100: ≤30 (weight ratio)

Surface drying time: ≤30 mins

Recoating time: ≥ 2 hrs

Scrub resistance: ≥ 50000 times

VOC content: ≤ 5g/L

Coating area: 15m2/kg/coating

Contrast ratio: ≥ 0.96

Specific gravity: ≥1.38

Painting process:

Wall: Putty ---- Sanding ---- Top coat 2 times

Bamboo & Wood: Putty ---- Burnishing ---- Top coat first time ---- Burnishing ---- Top coat second time

Steel: Substrate treatment ---- 5301 Water-based metallic anti-rust paint (except for anti-rust board) ---- Burnishing ---- Top coat 2 times

Tools cleaning: After finish painting or stop coating, please immediately use water to cleaning all the tools.