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SWO-3852 Fire retardant coating for interior steel structure

NCB (SWO-3852) is made by water-based for indoor ultra-thin steel structure of fire retardant coating product. When in fire, the coating film of foam was decomposed by heat. The expansion of product created fireproof protection layer, it can resolve endothermic reaction and prevent heat transfer and reduction steel temperature, also greatly improving the fire resistance time in the steel structure. This coating have a good heat insulation performance, strong adhesion, fresh smell with environmental protection, durable paint and easy to construction.

Product Feature:

Non-toxic and tasteless, strong adhesion, high mechanical strength

Long time and stable fire resistance, high temperature resistant

Low heat transmission, high flame retardancy

Acid and alkali resistance, good crack resistance


Suitable for auditorium, theater, hotel, hospital, office buildings, shopping mall, as well as petrochemical, transportation, electronic telecommunication, machinery manufacturing. Such as factory, warehouse and various industrial or civil building for steel structure with fireproof protection.

Fireproof system:

Primer: SWS-5301

Intumescent type: SWO3852

Modified surface: SWA-1201


“Fire retardant Coatings” pass passed China’s National Fire Systems and Fire-resistant components of quality supervision and got the approval of China’s Ministry of Public Security Fire product.

Technical parameter:

According to GB14907-2002 fireproof regulation, the dry film thickness is depend on relevant recommended thickness application of steel structure. The fireproof coating time is according to different requirement, such as: 0.5h, 1.0h,1.5h and 2.0h. The top layer use SWA-1201 to get the desired color.

The application rate is depend on the required fireproof time and each of steel type. For completely application rate, please see the SWO-3852 guideline and calculate the application rate to contact service person for assistance.

Environment conditions:

SWO-3852 is only suitable for indoor and weatherproof environments. The product mush be applied only at temperatures between 5 to 35 and construction relative humidity between 50%-80%.

Surface treatment:

The untreated surface shall be cleaned by sandblasting and without sandblasting please use a steel wire brush to cleaning. The electroplated surface shall be degreased before coating the primer. It has coating primer should be clean the poor surface and recoat the suitable primer. It must be check the compatible with original primer and SWO-3852.


The steel surface must be use a suitable primer (SWS-5301)


Direct use or adding less than 5% of the water dilution, for roller, brush or airless spray construction. When the last spraying, it must be dry after the first spray. Stir evenly before use.

Brush: 600g/m2/coating

Roller: 400g/m2/coating

Airless spray: 1400g/m2/coating


Small damage can use brush or roller to repair the surface

Storage and transportation:

Put in a cool dry place, avoid high temperature and frost (5 -- 35). Unopened product guarantee time at least 2 years. During the transportation, it need to prevent rain, bump and high temperature.