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Water-Proof Paint

Water proof paint is a functional architectural coating for water proofing with a water resistant and anti-seepage film built. It is mainly use in roof, bathroom, base room and the places that are always under water and have strictly requirement of water resistance. Besides, the cracks would be normal because of the temperature changed and the concrete base material. So the performance of various structure adaption and resistance to crack, low temperature is important as the same as water resistance. So, a good quality water proof paint has to have good properties of flexibility in low temperature, elongation, tensile strength, and adhesion.


Apply to water proof project on wall in the kitchen, exterior wall, and interior wall.

Coating process:

Substrate treatment (level and clean)---water proof paint(2-3 times)—protect film treatment(concrete)

Recommends Items:

SWF-3331 Elastic water proof paint (single component)

SWF-3301 JS elastic water proof paint(two-component Ⅰtype)

SWF-3301 JS elastic water proof paint(two-component Ⅱ type)

SWJ-3322 JS water proof paint (K11)

VIT-178 Water proof protective agent coating for exterior wall