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Heat Insulation Paint

Heat insulation coating is a special paint which can reflect sunlight and release the heat from the building by cutting off heat delivery and heat energy radiation. It is a further innovation in water proof heat reflection coating, which is refined with chemicals, heat resistant nanometer fillings, and shell powder. It is a multi function coating with better performance and effectiveness in heat insulation.


Heat resistant and seepage control project on roof, terrace, cement and asbestos surface. And heat insulation and cooling project on metal roof and outdoor metal storing tank.


Roll, brush or spray the coating for two or three times. Wait for 2-3h (temperature over 25℃,relative humidity under 85%) before next time application. Before coating, please coat the surface evenly with anti-alkali sealing primer.

Technical index:


Index value

Measured value

Solid content(%)



Dry time(h)

Touch dry ≤2; Hard dry≤24

1h touch dry and 4h hard dry

Heat resistance(80℃,6h)

No cracks, no fall, no bubble, no fading

Meet the standard

Freezing resistance(-30℃,24h)

No cracks, no fall, no bubble, no fading

Meet the standard

Water resistance( 6h soaking)

No fall, no bubble, no wrinkle

Meet the standard

Brush resistance(5% liquid soap, 2000 times)

No grinning

No grinning

Weather resistance( aging test for 400h)

Average rate of light losing, fading, atomizing, shelling, bubble less than 2nd grade

Fading rate is 2nd grade atomizing rate is 1st grade,

Heat resistance( 3℃ temperature diffidence)



Water resistance(0.3mpa, 0.5h pressure steady)

Water resisting

Meet the standard

Adhesive strength(kpa)



Elongation at break