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Fluorocarbon Paint

Fluorine resin coating has a strong fluorocarbon and much fluorine element electronegativity. With a superior performance such as weather resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Also, have a unique non-stick and low friction. After several decades of development, the fluorocarbon paint is widely applied in the construction, chemical industry, electronic industry, machinery industry, aerospace industry and household items.

Coating process:

Substrate treatment----putty 2-3times----carve up---polish and watering for 2 days ----spray fluorocarbon primer 2times----spray fluorocarbon paint 1 time----draw a black line frame---fluorocarbon varnish coat 1 time (optional)

Recommends Items:

SWA-2361 Water-based Fluorocarbon Topcoat Paint

WGS-6351 Metallic Fluorocarbon Paint

WGS-6361 Solid Color Fluorocarbon Paint

WGS-6321 Modified Metallic Fluorocarbon Paint

WGS-6371 Modified Solid Color Fluorocarbon Paint

WGS-6331 Fluorocarbon Metallic Primer

WGS-6300 Fluorocarbon polishing Putty