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Stone-like Exterior Paint

The inspiration of texture paint came from the unique and special decorative house in Greece, earthy and thick pattern, which was very romantic and enjoyable. Texture paint shows the special spatial visualization, extensive and lively, with various changeable 3D textures and optional individual collection. This innovative art paint leads not only a new paint ere of three dimensions, but also convenient D.I.Y decorative new time. This new popular texture paint is green, economic, personality, and light weight.


Suitable for villa, home, hotel, commercial buildings and other masonry buildings, or decorations or protections on the plaster board surface.

Coating process:

Substrate treatment---Putty—Anti-alkali primer—Trace dividing joint—Coat texture paint—Boxing treatment—Top coat( optional)

Construction suggestion:

Surface treatment: Before coating, the indoor cement surface and ceiling must be stable, clean, dry, flat and no floating ash.

Construction standard: Temperature over 5℃,relative humidity under 85%.

Suggest brushing system: all kinds of water-based exterior coating

Construction ratio: Paint: water=100:5-15 (stir evenly)

Do not paint too thick at one time. Please paint for several levels to give the thickness.

Clean the tools after construction finished.

Technical index: Coating area: 2-5 kg/m2