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Latex Exterior Paint

VIT exterior wall paint have a good adhesion, weather resistance, rich color, it can withstand for rain and effectively isolated the dust in the air and protection other substances erosion on the wall. UV resistance protection coating color in the long time. At the same time, VIT exterior paint can prevent cracking, peeling, dusting and discoloration, also can protection wall of buildings and extend the coating life.


Suitable for residence, villa, office buildings, commercial buildings, factory and other masonry structure or plasterboard exterior wall decoration and protection

Coating process:

Substrate treatment---Putty----primer one time---top coat 2 times


Stir evenly before use. Roll, Brush or Spray according to actual circumstances add with water no more than 20 % ( volume ratio) water dilution.

Technical index:

Construction ratio: Paint: Water =100 : ≤30 (weight ratio)

Surface drying time: 1hour

Recoating time: 4hrs

Coating area:8, 10, 12, 15 m2/kg/coating (Depends on client’s need)

Contrast ratio: 0.92, 0.94

Specific gravity: 1.26, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.53 (Depends on client’s need)

Glossiness: Matt, Semi gloss (Depends on client’s need)